Have you got a passion for cars and tech but never could find a suitable digital media provider to give you something adequate to read? Well, look no further, at Bleeding Edge we’re just that. An easy to follow blog layout and our unique dark theme means that you can enjoy a little late night reading before going to bed, as an experienced writer I’ve always found blogging sites poorly designed and with so many articles scattered across the site that by the time you’ve found something of interest you’ve got about a billion tabs open before you’ve found what you were wanting to read.

So with our simplified blog site, we’ve stuck with the basics and kept things nice and simple, yet updated, our latest content can be found at the top with the oldest found at the bottom. Where in addition, our goal is to try to get the readers immersed in the content produced. Rather than making you feel like someone reading a post, we want to make you feel a part of the content that we’ve written. Which leads me to this, Bleeding Edge isn’t just your simple cars and tech blog site. We also highly encourage our readers to get involved with the content that we produce, what I mean by this, is that you can freely share your own content and interests with us. Whether it be a video or written article we’ll publish it on your behalf, we’re dedicated to attracting like-minded individuals into an environment where we share our common interests in cars and tech. So, by all means, feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions with us on the content that we personally produce or publish on behalf of someone else.