Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: The Serpent of Speed

Backtrack to 2005, a time where cars were cheaper, the economy was booming, and I was still in year five drawing stickmen in my maths book. More importantly, Bugatti released the Veyron that revolutionised the definition of speed; it took the world by storm, stunning the world with achieving a top speed of over 250 mph. Then some years later, they released the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport that topped at 267 mph. After that Bugatti went quiet, secretly working behind the scenes of the car we’ve all become very well acquainted with –the Chiron-. To my disappointment, the Chiron became more of a lifestyle car, a hypercar to show off your wealth to and just merely blended in with the other luxury hypercars around the world. They now reclaimed their crown and proved the world once again why Bugatti is the king of the hill for supreme power and speed.

The Chiron Super Sport (SS) is the mythological monster they’ve created, costing an astonishing £2.3m and with only 30 built makes it one of the world’s rarest speed demons out there. A rarity in units produced and the price isn’t what sets it apart from the competition, its top speed is. As of August 2nd 2020, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport has become the world’s first and only car to break into the 300 mph speed barrier, clocking in at 304.77 mph the Chiron SS is probably the only good thing to come out of 2020; it has been quite a disappointing year no doubt.


The engine is the same as the one found in the standard Chiron, an 8.0-litre W16 powerhouse, though the one in the Chiron SS produces 78 more horsepower over the classic car at 1,578 bhp and 1180 lb-ft of torque. 0-62mph is achieved in 2.3 seconds and as mentioned, going onto a top speed of 305 mph (I decided to round it up). You will be safe to hear that the Chiron SS does come with four-wheel-drive, thankfully, to help keep the car planted onto the tarmac and not the grass.

With all that power, it only makes sense also to redesign the Chiron to make it more slippery and aerodynamic. That’s precisely what Bugatti did; they added subtle changes to the Chiron SS over the standard car, the significant difference is found at the rear where the exhausts are twin vertical shaped allowing for an extended rear bumper and a more profound diffusor sucking the car down even more to the road. The front fender has vents that not only cool the brakes efficiently but also aid with reducing negative air pressure further providing downforce and providing an exposed black carbon fibre bodywork that makes the Chiron SS look that much more intimidating.


The interior is not one you would find on most modern-day cars; it is rather exquisite yet simplistic; there is no infotainment screen on the centre console. Instead, there are a few dials and buttons, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not on offer. The Chiron SS is designed to form a bond between man and machine, for the driver to focus on the driving, on the car and experience what the Chiron SS truly offers without any distractions.

For £2.3m the Bugatti Chiron SS is a car not that many people will be fortunate to afford, and nor will many have the chance to ever see one in real life. However, what the Chiron SS provides is a timestamp and a timeline for the evolution of automotive engineering. Bugatti, in 2005, set the benchmark for what automotive makers should aim for, and then 15 years later, they set the standard again. What the Chiron SS is a homage to the one thing that man and machine will always thrive towards, and that is speed.





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