BMW M3 Touring: The Only Single Turbo F81 M3 Touring in the world

We know the latest BMW M3 Touring has been a long-awaited model for years, however, if you don’t like the look and styling of the current M3 Touring and want something that’s just a little bit more special. Then look no further, the previous generation 3 series touring that’s been tuned and modified into 1 of 23 F81 M3 Touring. This beast is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

What the boffins at Trackworx UK have done is take the standard previous generation 3 series and basically put it through a colossal fitness routine, turning this nerd into a hardcore MMA fighter. Over an 18-month period and with no expense spared these gurus have worked on some of the world’s most amazing cars, including pro drift, race, and sprint cars to name a few. This means that these guys know what they are doing, and it’s not just some cowboy hot rod pushing insane power with the reliability of a Range Rover, speaking of power, this M3 Touring is the world’s only single turbo pushing well over 700 bhp and to ensure that the chassis can handle all that power it has gone through a complete M3 conversion with other performance and reliability enhancing modifications. Below is a list of some of the modifications made:



  • Hack engineering crank hub (All brand new genuine gaskets throughout when built back up by them )
  • Brand new M5 injectors 
  • Upgraded Aluminium JPipe 
  • Billet aluminium Hell performance oil filter case and bungs
  • Genuine carbon engine cover (trimmed to fit) 
  • Silicone charge cooler water pipes 
  • Custom-made high-flow charge cooler 
  • Custom one Piece boost pipe with torque boost clamps 
  • Turbo smart blow-off valve 
  • GFB 3 boost controller 
  • 3 port boost solenoid with braided lines for turbo and wastegate 
  • Custom single turbo manifold with v-band to turbo and v-band wastegate 
  • GTX3583 turbo genn1 with tail v-band rear housing and billet wheel
  • Braided oil and water lines with heat sleeve protection 
  • Custom 3.5-inch downpipe 
  • Manifold, turbo housing, downpipe all Zircotec ceramic coated white 
  • Screamer pipe Zircotec ceramic coated black 
  • 44mm external wastegate with custom screamer pipe 
  • Custom 4” intake to turbo 
  • ITG filter 
  • Single piece mid-section 
  • IPE rear exhaust section and valve control 
  • AEM Wideband gauge 
  • AEM exhaust gas temp gauge  
  • Always ran on Motul 300V engine oil 
  • Various bits powder coated black throughout the engine bay 


  • 2018 M3 competition dampers
  • Ground control coil over conversion custom Eibach spring rates to suit car
  • Ground control fully adjustable top mounts 
  • Rear mill way toe arms 
  • 6 Pot Alcon front brakes.400mm discs with RS29 pads 
  • 4 Pot Alcon rear 380mm discs with RS29 pads 
  • Full geo set up by Trackworxuk 
  • Wheels are custom-made work ZR10 
  • 9.5 front 10.5 rears in full flat black 
  • GT4 race car Stud converted hubs 

As you can tell already this M3 Touring is no joke, the engine work alone is enough to make even the most mainstream of automotive manufacturers put their best cars through their paces to compete and keep up with this beast. To ensure that the power is properly put down onto the road the suspension work guarantees that the power goes directly where it needs to go with 100% efficiency at all times, it might be a rear-wheel-drive monster but in the right hands, it’ll run rings around the most exclusive performance cars out there. The craftsmanship thought processes and engineering that went into developing the M3 is a display of Trackworx UK’s technical skills, and knowledge and the reason why they are the go-to guys for performance modifications and tuning. The time, effort and resources that went into the build are spectacular. The car modification scene in the Uk is a good attempt at best, but when you get serious, passionate tuning brands bring back hope. Well, this cannot go unnoticed and Trackworx UK deserves all the credit and praise it can get for the effort it put into this build. However, if you think the engine and suspension work was all they have done, check out the exterior modifications they also added to make the M3 Touring look the part:

  • The body is all steel rear quarters 
  • Custom rear M3 bumper 
  • Genuine F31 facelift rear lights 
  • Genuine M3 front wings 
  • Genuine M3 side skirts 
  • Genuine M3 headlights 
  • Genuine M3 mirrors 
  • Genuine M3 front bumper 
  • Carbon GTS bonnet 
  • Carbon front splitter 
  • All-black M3 grills 
  • Carbon inserts unit 17
  • Carbon side skirts unit 17 
  • Carbon rear diffuser unit 17 
  • Carbon rear side spats unit 17 
  • Custom carbon boot spoiler 
  • Black M3 competition badges

The dark, black paintwork makes the car look stealthy, to the average person at first glance it looks like your average 3 series touring but it’s not until closer inspection that you notice the carbon accents, the carbon hood, the big brakes, the pronounced bumpers that you realise this isn’t your standard 3 series touring. It is indeed a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing, and that’s this car’s unique selling point. It blends in, it’s not there to draw unwanted attention but when it needs to it’ll beat just about anything that lines up next to it at the lights. It’s practical, fast, and reliable. What more could you want from a car? And in the body of a 1/23 F81 M3 Touring, you will not be disappointed at all.

The interior is just as exotic as what is lurking under the hood, once again no expense was spent on making the driver and its passengers know that they are sitting in something special:

  • Interior Custom trimmed to match the red leather BMW M Performance front bucket seats on low-mount Recaro floor mounts 
  • Custom-made harness bar
  • Takata harness 
  • Custom rear seat bench in OEM M3 leather 
  • Half red half black door cards 
  • Carbon dash trim 
  • Carbon Centre trim 
  • Carbon gear surround 
  • Carbon gear shift 
  • Carbon hand brake with Alcantara 
  • Genuine Matte red start button 
  • Genuine M Performance steering wheel
  • Carbon inserts 
  • Genuine matte red M1 M2 buttons 
  • GFB Boost controller display 
  • Column mount wide band and egt gauges 
  • Factory BMW heads-up display 

Obviously with something so heavily modified and tuned its important to know that it is still roadworthy, the extent to which Trackworx UK have gone is allowing the police to inspect the car guaranteeing that the modifications, upgrades, and changes to the body are all safe, legal and roadworthy. Therefore, this is the only legal M3 Touring in the UK. Quite the bragging right, but what this car signifies is the professionalism and engineering they put into their cars. They are experts, and I would recommend checking them out as you will not be disappointed.



All credit to pictures used go to trackworx uk, thank you for letting me write about one of yours and for the opportunity. I look forward to writing about some of your other masterpieces soon.


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