The Rimac Concept Two: A Complete Nerd-fest

Seems like Rimac is quite on a roll at the moment. Their first release of the Concept One was truly a magnificent piece of engineering and an astonishing showcase of the possibilities of EV technology. Once again, they’ve outdone themselves, revealing at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year the upcoming Concept Two. Well, what can be said other than the fact that it is a complete tech-fest, engulfed with technology. It’s no joke when the CEO, Mate Rimac, stated that their cars are developed by people who love cars and showcase a passion for it. I must admit though; the tech specs seem rather sceptical and out of this world. Though that being said, the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster claims some pretty bold stats figures as well.


The Concept Two Stats Data

Rimac claims that its C-Two model will be powered once again with four electric motors, but this time producing over 1,914bhp and an astonishing 2,300Nm of Torque derived from its 120kWh batteries. With the 0-62mph time being achieved in an unimaginable 1.85 seconds and onto a Top speed of approximately 258mph. Outgunning its main rival the Tesla Roadster. In addition, with the added benefit of a 403-mile range and having the ability to recharge 80% of its batteries within 30 minutes.

Even more impressive are the features of Level 4 autonomy that will be present within the C-Two, that will be equipped with eight cameras, lidar, six radars and twelve ultrasonic sensors. While also, as expected, coming with a wide variety of driver assistance systems including lane assist and auto-braking. Though the most impressive feature is the integration of facial recognition technology, that can be used to open the butterfly doors and even staring the engine. Therefore, negating the use of a key. Although that isn’t the most drastic feature in the Concept Two, the most intriguing element present within is the car can read the driver’s mood. From there is can play soothing music and even soften the ride if it senses stress or anger from the driver, which on this I still will remain sceptical about as this is quite an extravagant feature.


“Level 4 autonomy that will be present within the C-Two, that will be equipped with eight cameras, lidar, six radars and twelve ultrasonic sensors”.


The Design

The overall design of the Concept Two makes it look sleek, aggressive and fast. Though at first glance it doesn’t look like an EV, but more like a petrol-powered supercar. You have to be a bit of a car fanatic to notice that it is an electric hypercar at all, and it’s fairly obvious that the C-Two is inspired by its predecessor the Concept One. Albeit with a new front fascia, bonnet, doors, panels, spoiler and rear diffuser.

The wheels have been made with an aerodynamic design that channels cooling air to the carbon-ceramic brakes while ensuring smooth airflow down the flanks of the car. Unsurprisingly, the tyres are made out of a custom compound developed with the help of Pirelli. Where the headlights are composed of 58 LEDs each and have their own custom cooling control units, while the rear tail-lights are incorporated with air channel outlets.

The Concept Two also incorporates the use of active-aero, where the incisions into the hood are in-fact active flaps modifying the car’s aerodynamic profile as its moving. The rear spoiler is also dynamic, constantly moving and providing either additional downforce or acting as an air-brake. Where underneath the car there are active flaps that help with channelling cool air towards the battery cooling systems.


To sum up, then, this sci-fi piece of tech will cost in excess of £1m. Though that being said the C-Two deserves to be expensive, the amount of tech, engineering and effort that has been put into it makes it a worthy adversary to its competitors. Especially the Tesla Roadster, but whereas the Roadster isn’t expected for release for another three years. The Rimac Concept Two, however, is here and it is unbelievably quick. Even outperforming its petrol-powered equivalents and not in just speed and performance, but range too.

Though that being said, there is a slight problem with the Concept Two. It isn’t the car itself, but more the people who will own and drive it. Money doesn’t necessarily buy skill and owning an electric hypercar such as the Concept Two, or the Tesla Roadster or any high-performance vehicle for that matter. Means that most drivers lack experience in handling and controlling powerful sports-cars, we’re living in a time where race car technology is now being directly imported into every day going road cars. A primary example of this is the upcoming AMG Concept One, therefore appropriate measures should be untaken by certain manufacturers to ensure that the new owners are experienced enough to handle and cope with the performance output of said vehicles.

2560_3000 (1)

A full-on head to head comparison between the Rimac Concept Two and the Tesla Roadster will be unveiling soon, as well as an in-depth philosophical article talking about EV technology and its future implications.

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