The ABT Audi RS6-E: The 1000bhp Green Monster 

ABT, the German tuning brand based in Kempten has teamed up with Audi on multiple occasions to produce hardcore variants of Audi’s RS performance car ranges. Has developed itself quite a reputation for tuning and modifying already fast and powerful Audis. Their reputation spans a good decade now, to having developed the already powerful Audi RS6 Performance into a more powerful Thoroughbred the ABT RS6-R. Where now they’ve decided to turn the dials up to 11 with their newest project, the ABT RS6-E. With teases from the media and from ABT over the past few months about a new unveiling of the RS6 platform has head petrolheads quenching at their computers for what’s to come, and now it has caught our attention. Especially with the caption “When you build a car out of your wildest dreams – be prepared”.  


The Germans didn’t start off easy, they already used the reworked and retuned ABT RS6-R as a base platform for their new project. The ABT RS6-E is in-fact a hybrid, can you possibly imagine what kind of programming, thinking, engineering, and the balls ABT needed to pull off this impressive feat. Equipped with the tuned 4.0 liter Twin-Turbo V8 churning out 730bhp. The tuning firm decided to raise the bar and equip it with a 288 bhp electric engine on the RS6’s transmission. The electric motor sources its power from the newly added 13.6kWh battery placed under the boot floor, and it can be only activated by pressing the green button on the steering wheel. Though the button can only be activated when the car is travelling more than 62mph, reason being? Simple, the mighty RS6 cannot tame all that power. What would break first is of no consequence – the transmission or the differentials. Though this does make the RS6-E Hybrid one absurd and ludicrous beast, that begs to be unshackled and let loose.  


The technical data for this Green Monster is godlike 1,018bhp and 1,291Nm of torque, with 0-62mph achieved in only 3.3 seconds and onto a mind-blowing top speed of 199mph, though it’s not just under the hood where discretion is thrown out of the window. Visually the RS6-E Hybrid is stunning as it is mind-blowing to look at. Embodied with a futuristic vehicle film wrap reminiscent of the design of a printed circuit board. This is also reflected in the AERO rings, which are a special feature on the 21-inch rims of type ABT Sport GR. Of course, the comprehensive aerodynamics package offered by the tuner for the normal Audi RS6 is also in place: front lip, front skirt add-ons, mirror caps, fender inserts, side skirt add-ons and rear skirt add-ons including a rear spoiler. KW suspension springs ensure appropriate lowering of the chassis, allowing the driver to stay in control of the 1,018 HP at all times. 

 ABT_Audi_RS6-E_Concept__front_stehend-1 (1)

To sum up, the ABT RS6-E Hybrid is a big game changer for the world of tuning. Showcasing the potential and setting a benchmark for all future tuning companies. Showcasing that both electric and combustion power can work together in perfect harmony to not only increase speed, power and performance. But to also help the environment. Who says that saving the planet had to be a boring and daunting task? Add a small electric motor to your daily ride and you’ll be saving yourself not just money on fuel but also the environment. Times are changing, and we’ve seen mainstream manufacturers create and develop hybrid supercars and hypercars, but now, ABT has set the benchmark and opened the doors for tuning firms to convert exotic cars into lean, mean, green machines. Can’t wait for the day when we see a hybrid Lambo let loose on the streets.  

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