ABT RS6-R: The Ultimate Super Estate

A little while back I wrote about the mighty Audi RS6 that was released this year, and further down the list I wrote about the old ABT RS6-E and what a mind-blowing machine it was. This time ABT, the infamous tuning company that turns the dials up to 11 on the already fast and sporty RS Audi range, has taken the newest and latest Audi RS6 and converted it into a complete animal.

The RS6 has always been the pinnacle of the sports estate, and dare I say that it even looks better than the new RS7, as such ABT decided to take 125 standard RS6s and give them a complete makeover and turn the RS6 into the ultimate autobahn annihilator. A machine that features four-wheel steering ensuring precious and accuracy when going around every corner, a mild hybrid twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 that has been tuned and upgraded from the standard V8 outputting around 600bhp and 800 Nm of torque, to developing an astonishing 740bhp and an insane 920 Nm of torque. ABT does not mess about when it comes to tuning and modifying their latest creations, along with the power output, also comes increased acceleration. Where the standard RS6 achieves 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds, the ABT RS6-R achieves that in 3.2.


Performance isn’t just the only difference between the ABT RS6-R and the standard RS6, sharp and chiselled cosmetic enhancements are also present. Difference between the standard and the ABT version of the RS6 is very noticeable to the eye; however, those who are not into their cars might assume that the RS6-R is merely a regular family estate. Well, that is until the engine is kicked into life and the ABT stainless steel exhaust releases its growl, reminding those around it of the potential this behemoth has under the hood. The majority of the components are also comprised of carbon fibre, reducing weight, lowering the centre of gravity and improving overall performance and handling. Alongside this the front bumper and overall exterior cosmetics give a sharper and aggressive pose, the front and rear bumpers emphasise the car’s personality, and this is also followed through in the interior. Carbon and leather are finished all across the inside, with carbon fibre and leather mixed steering wheel offering that racing feel. To make its owners feel even more special the door sills are number 1 to 125, reminding their owners of how rare, precious and exclusive the ABT RS6-R truly is.


Its not just performance increases and cosmetic enhancements that make the ABT RS6-R the ultimate sports estate. Driving feel and handling is also where it excels at over its standard counterpart, weight-optimised 22-inch high performance and lightweight rims reduce drag and unnecessary rolling weight; the wheels built in conjunction with the ABT suspension programme ensuring that the wheels meet with the road at all times giving penultimate grip and handling in any weather condition. Along with this, ABT developed Coilover springs, and a sports anti-roll bar enhances driving dynamics, driving performance and an overall improvement in handling. Meaning that the ABT RS6-R isn’t just a stunning machine to look at, but a machine that means business and will be superior both on and off the track. A dual-purpose machine, a family car on most days and at the touch of a button it transforms into something that you have never experienced before. Yet again ABT has outdone themselves, a small tuning firm that has made an impact on the automotive world.





ABT website


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