Koenigsegg’s new Gemera: A complete showstopper

I’ve written about many cars and seen many more in my time, but none have ever caught my eye quite like Koenigsegg. Their new Gemera a four-seater hybrid hypercar is truly a breath-taking machine.

Koenigsegg in the past was nothing more than a small, little Swedish supercar manufacturer, but this was over 20 years ago. Now, they are in with the big leagues with Bugatti, McLaren and Ferrari to name a few. Their world renowned and record-breaking cars, the CCX, Agera R, Regera and the Jesko have received worldwide fame and any petrol head would instantly recognise their name. At one point the Koenigsegg CCX held the world record for the fastest speeding ticket ever given, and the car was clocked at well over 250 mph. That was on U.S. roads, which is nothing but straight lines anyways, be a bit of a challenge to attempt that here in Britain. Though on the M1 you might get away with it; but I digress.


Koenigsegg themselves went on to call the Gemera “The World’s first Mega-GT and Koenigsegg’s first for four”, the most noticeable appeal about the Gemera is its looks, but even more noticeable is when occupants exit the car. There are four seats, yet only two doors and instead of looking like a complete muppet trying to squeeze yourself through the front seats. Koenigsegg went on to patent their unique designed Dihedral Synchro-Helix doors.

“There is no need to move or recline the front seats in order to get in and out of the rear row. This is made possible through the Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doors (KATSAD), that opens the full interior without the obstruction of B-pillars”.


The unique design of the doors isn’t just jaw dropping and gorgeous to look at, but it also applies some practical elements too. For starters you might think that opening the doors would be a complete nightmare to open in tight or small spaces, but no the design of the doors means it effortlessly opens even in the tightest and shortest of spaces. Though I would watch the curb if I were you, wouldn’t want to scratch the doors. Not only that, it also means that occupants can easily exit the vehicle and being spacious enough for four adults to sit in the car comfortably. This means that the Gemera will continue to retain its lunatic style performance, but with the added benefit of bringing more luggage with you and share the lunacy with family and friends. Better hold onto your spine if I were you, cause this thing doesn’t just look fast, it is fast.

The doors weren’t the only party piece that made the Gemera a showstopper, its engine and drivetrain are also just as breath-taking to hear about. Koenigsegg has gone with the whole vibe of giving different and oddly unique names to the Gemera, the best one of all in my opinion, the engine is called the Tiny Friendly Giant Engine (TFG), which is then combined with the electrified Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD), which saw first initial use in their Regera Hypercar which is widely known to be the only hypercar with only one gear. Which basically means the car will drive from a complete standstill to achieving its top speed in a single gear direct drive.


As such, the combined output of the engine is 1700bhp and an eye shattering 3500 Nm of torque. Which is enough to tear a rift through time. The Gemera It is in fact a hybrid engine, might have saved the best for last. So, the Gemera is equipped with 3 electric motors, one for each rear wheel and one on the crankshaft, then combined with the 600bhp TFG 3-cylinder engine. Yep, Koenigsegg has ditched their mighty V8s for a tiny little 3 cylinder that produces 600bhp. Which is insane on its own, but at least its safe to drive, it does come as standard with four-wheel drive and torque vectoring. While economy is also just as impressive, in hybrid mode the Gemera will travel 1000 kilometres (which is 620 miles to us). Now, I can go on more and more about the amazing features of the Gemera and how truly spectacular it is, as such I have embedded a little video that will explain every little detail about the car’s engine and drivetrain in a more exuberant manner.

Words really are not enough to describe how utterly brilliant this fantastic piece of engineering is, dare I say it, but Koenigsegg is starting to change and make an impact on the hybrid hypercars we currently see in the world. Koenigsegg really is a prime example of persistence paying off, and what patience can really do. At first the company was trying to compete and catch up with the well known brands in the world, and now they have become one of the best, well-known and probably leading if anything.


Source: https://www.koenigsegg.com/gemera/


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