Zenvo TSR-S: Where Sci-Fi Meets Reality

Denmark, the country most associated with being the happiest nation on earth. Per capita, it has the most amount of happiest people and most educated people in Europe, if not the world, not to mention their exquisite taste in furniture and pastries. So, when I found out, albeit a little while back, that they had developed a car I laughed. Then when I heard that the car in question was a track based, demon hypercar; I just had to check it out.

Yep, egg in the face, foot in mouth. Oh, how I was wrong about this behemoth of a monster, the Zenvo TSR-S is one devilish demon you sure don’t want to mess with. Armed with a 1,177bhp twin-supercharged 5.8 litre V8. Yes, twin-supercharged, the classic supercharger whine must be insane to hear. Not only does it have the immense power, it pretty much weighs the same as the fridge in your house. The kerb weight is under 1.5 tonnes, and it’s very well noticeable too since 0-62 mph takes just 2.8 seconds from a rear-wheel-drive hypercar. It reaches 0-124mph in 6.8 seconds and its limited to a top speed of only 202mph.


There is a reason to why there’s a limit to the top speed, the dark and mystical arts of aerodynamics are once again at play here. However, this time it’s not just active aero or some fancy high-tech aerodynamic system that is found on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (spoiler to the next upcoming article), Zenvo decided to go for something more extravagant… a moving rear wing. Now I don’t mean a moving rear wing that you would find on a Bugatti or McLaren, let me demonstrate with the video below.

Credit goes to the original owner of the video

So the founder of Zenvo, Troels Vollertsen, stated about the rear wing “The TSR track car had a fixed rear wing, but I’d been thinking that maybe we could alter the downforce so we could put more pressure back across to the unloaded inside wheel while cornering, so you not only get downforce but also create an effect like an anti-roll bar. So, we took the standard wing and tried it at different angles in the simulation, and we could see there was a massive impact”. The science behind it simple, when the car is cornering say right the wing would then lean towards the left side. The airflow going over the car and rear wing is reoriented, which in turn adds pressure back towards the inside of the car propelling it out of the corner while maintaining speed and control. The wing itself can lean to an astonishing 15 degrees. However, the overall pitch of the wing is dependent on a wide variety of factors such as speed, g force, acceleration and even braking. See, it isn’t just humour you’re here for but science and educational purposes too. I’m sure you’ve bee dying to ask this “how much downforce does the wing produce”? The TSR-S produces an astonishing 270kg of downforce on the wing; this varies from the wing’s angle and curvature. A fun fact, the wing for the TSR-S was also developed by the same company that also produced the aerodynamics on the Koenigsegg One:1.


The interior of the TSR-S is functional; it has got a steering wheel, pedals and a couple of seats. You can tell the interior is made in house and developed by Zenvo themselves, which isn’t an insult at all, if anything a compliment. It follows through with a similar hexagonal theme which you would find on Lamborghini which adds some class and presence, for a hypercar its price costing an eyewatering £1.4 million. The interior is top-notch and very well developed from the screen graphics and instrument cluster to the in-house carbon fibre elements; the entire car is mostly carbon fibre. Most fascinating of all, though, is its traction control system after the mind-blowing aerodynamic features. There are three levels to the traction control system, but IQ is the most impressive of all, switch it on and instead of just power being limited to a certain point like on other hypercars. The system works in tandem with the stability control to provide as much power necessary given to the conditions on the environment that permit it to, if for example the car’s wheels start to spin power is reduced if there’s more grip then more power is added. Essentially it will allow you to have fun without killing yourself. For £1.4 million, that’s an outstanding feature, in my opinion.

To bring it all in together, the Zenvo TSR-S is without a doubt a hypercar, but a hypercar with a fantastic character and bonkers engineering. Denmark has outdone themselves again; the Dutch have a knack for perfection I tell you. They may be a small company that’s produced around 25 cars over its establishment back in 2007, but so did Mr Koenigsegg some years back. I can say that Zenvo is quite the underdog and very soon they will be up there with the big names, a difficult start they had but they’ve won the hearts of every petrol head out there.









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