The BMW 4 Series 2020: The Past Reimagined

Now and again we get a new car that’s released, and it causes massive controversy, sort of like marmite but with a more significant price tag and a steering wheel. So this time its BMW’s turn, come to think of it they’ve had quite a few controversial cars come out lately, the new 1 series, the new 7 series and the acquired taste X7. Either way, today it’s the turn of the all-new 4 series. Right, this should be good.

Straight off the bat, the front grille is probably the most prominent thing you’ll notice first, thankfully on the European spec cars, the front number plate sort of breaks it up a bit. But in countries where front number plates are not necessary the front grille is long, it looks like the car is going to suck everything off the road. I must admit it is a bold move by BMW, even more, daring is the design chief stated about the styling that it represents “everything BMW should stand for”. I mean crack on; but that grille though I’m not too sure, they’ve added a focus towards improving dynamic performance. Little fun fact, the new kidney grilles are, in fact, a signature reflection to BMW’s heritage collection. The classic 328 sports car had similar more pronounced vertical styled kidney grilles, though 1936 328 is a thing of beauty I digress. Other exterior features of the new 4 series looking more pronounced, flared wheel arches, a sweeping roofline which isn’t going to be comfortable for those in the back and a ducktail spoiler. Even with the base model variants, the new 4 series is going to look striking and fast.


The interior of the new 4 series, however, lacks imagination compared to the exterior, the boldness hasn’t been reflected inside, in essence, the interior is pretty much the same as you would find on the 3 series. It’s not bad; its reserved and simplified design puts a focus more on driving than a distraction, however, for a car with a starting price of £39,000 you’d expect for some interior changes compared to the tier down 3 series. One thing to boast though is the live cockpit plus system does come as standard on all 4 series models, its not a bad system I find it a little dark and cramped. It does now finally come with android auto and apple car play as standard, though I much prefer the virtual cockpit found in Audis, to be honest.

The performance on the 4 series isn’t too bad either, for now, their range-topping M440i model features a 374bhp inline 6-cylinder engine. Though next year both the all-new M4 will be coming out with speculations of it producing over 500bhp and the environmentally friendly i4 as well, which features a not so friendly 523bhp power output, now those I am looking forward to reviewing when they come out.


ll in all, the new BMW 4 series is the past remade their design chief went on to further elaborate on the quote mentioned previously “If you look at models like the 328 until the 1980s the grille was always more vertical than horizontal. We wanted a kidney with a strong link to our heritage – but it shouldn’t look like any BMW before, and it shouldn’t look like any other car on the road”. I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of the kidney grilles, but the concept and rationale behind it, I understand. It brings some uniqueness to the automotive world and a loving reminder to what the classic BMWs that we all love used to look.



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