The BMW M5 Competition Pack: Power, Prestige, Luxury

The BMW M5 has always been the pinnacle of the super sports saloon; the classic E39 M5 is regarded as probably one of the best M5s ever made. The mafia hitman appeal to it made it stand out from anything at that time; the 2005 E60 M5 was a fantastic piece of engineering. A 5-litre V10 derived from a BMW Formula 1 car that made it one hell of a screamer, yet everything else about it was quite awful. Not to mention how unreliable the engine was, and it had one major fault. The engine rod bearings were profoundly unreliable, and if they break it can cost more than the actual car to fix it, which will often require a completely new engine. Forward seven years into 2012 and the F10 M5 was born it ditched the unreliable V10 for a more Panda friendly twin-turbo V8, which made it a brilliant and one hell of a reliable masterpiece. However, I never found it particularly good looking. In my opinion, it looked swollen, bubbly and inflated. However, all that changed when the all-new M5 Competition Pack was released in 2019 and third time lucky they have made quite possibly the best super sports saloon to have ever been created.

As with any M5, current and previous, performance has always played a key element in knowing precisely what it is about. The heart of the engine will often always tell you exactly what to expect, and fair to this, it does not disappoint—born with a 4.4 litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 producing an astonishing 625bhp and 750Nm of torque going to all four wheels. Coming equipped as standard with x drive, with little party piece, you can switch between 4-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive depending on how your inner hooligan is feeling. This, therefore, makes it one of the most powerful M cars on the market to date; and rightly so with competition from Mercedes and Audi breathing down its neck, the armament used is crucial. 0-62 mph is achieved in as little as 3.1 seconds, and although limited to 155 mph top speed, if you pay just a little bit extra, you can easily reach well into the 190-mph region with the digital restrictor taken off. For a sedan, that is unbelievably quick considering that most Porsches aren’t that fast.


Now since you’ll be spending most of your time sitting inside the beast, the interior must also be just as important. The interior is simple, functional and yet luxurious. You’re not distracted by a million different buttons, lights everywhere and fancy glitz and glamour. The BMW M5 is a serious, focused sports saloon. It doesn’t distract you from driving; it encourages it. You and your passengers are wrapped in lovely M Multifunctional shell seats, with the M5 logo illuminating. Offering immense comfort, style and holding you as you thrash around the city and track. I always said I was not a big fan of the instrument cluster, much like the one on the new 4 series, however, on the M5 it fits in with the dynamic. The non-distracting and dark themed cluster offer that racing feels and putting the car in track mode also brings up the boost pressure, tyre pressure and the G-force of acceleration. Its also just as spacious and practical in the back too, if you’re planning on driving like a lunatic; leave the kids at home.


As I stated, the previous generation M5 wasn’t particularly a looker as I mentioned in the introduction, this new one, however, BMW has worked their magic on it. Slick, aerodynamic and intimidating to look at. One thing I am very grateful though are the kidney grilles; they’ve kept them the perfect shape not like in the 4 series. The front end has a striking look and presence and subtle enhancements from the standard 5 series, such as a sports diffuser, rear spoiler lip, wider wheel arches, massive brakes and tyres, not to mention four massive exhausts complimenting the engine.

To sum up, which probably now seems like a lengthy love letter to a car, the new BMW M5 Competition Pack is the pinnacle and an excellent example of what super sports saloons should be, must be and follow in the example of. Every M5 prior had minor faults and flaws, but their latest creation BMW has achieved perfection. They’ve taken every single essential element from their previous M5s and combined them all to create the ultimate M car, the Ultimate Driving Machine.





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