BMW M5 CS: When the demon of speed meets the goddess of power

Those who have read my previous article on the BMW M5 know full well how deeply passionate I am about the car when I heard that BMW is making an even more powerful version of their already powerful top dog. Well, it felt like my birthday all over again. The BMW M5 CS is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful M car in the BMW range, so let’s dig deeper and find out what makes this road destroying monster so unique.

Let begin with the engine, power and performance. The M5 CS shares the same 4.4 litres twin-turbocharged V8 found in the standard M5 but now producing 635 bhp and 553 lb-ft of torque, which means this monster will accelerate from 0-62 mph in 3 seconds dead and travelling onto a top speed of 189 mph. This makes it one of the fastest, most powerful and most jaw-dropping BMW M car that the company has ever made. All of this power however, doesn’t come cheap and starting prices are from £140,000 though I say its worth every penny.


Compared to its rivals, the M5 CS outperforms the mighty Audi RS6 and the sports saloon leading Mercedes AMG E63 S. The CS will travel from 0-124 mph in 10.4 seconds, and another thing responsible for this astonishing level of performance is the massive weight loss. BMW has stated that the M5 CS has lost over 70kg in weight, making it one of the lightest sports saloons in its class, thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre on the bonnet, vents and other discrete exterior parts. Since the Mercedes AMG E63 S weights over 2 tonnes and the Audi RS6 being somewhat lighter but also down on power with only producing a mere 600 bhp means the M5 CS will not only outweigh but also outperform its competitors.


The interior of the M5 CS is as jaw-dropping as the performance; the carbon bucket seats are the same ones found on the new M3 and M4 BMW, along with extended use of carbon fibre, reminding you that you are sitting in a very unique and powerful super sports saloon. The exterior’s carbon additions go all the way from the doors, handles, dashboard, and immaculate looking gearshift paddles giving that race car feel.


The driving and handling aspects are not compromised. If anything, they are enhanced with the added power and reduced weight. The carbon-ceramic brakes will always ensure that you get maximum stopping power no matter what conditions the vehicle is driven in. As with all BMWs, the ultimate driving machine element will always be the pinnacle of the M5.





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