Tesla Model 3 Performance

Teslas are no stranger to power, speed and performance, their first ever car launched was the Roadster back in 2009, with an even more powerful and faster version set to come out soon. The Tesla Model S Performance and the Model X are both the drag demons on both the road and the drag strip. They’ve gone up against every major car brand known to man, and have trumped pretty much all of them. Their most recent release, the Model 3 Performance is no slouch either. It might be the smallest saloon in their range, but don’t mean that it doesn’t pack a mighty punch.

Its performance figures will simply boggle the mind, 0-62 mph is achieved in under 3.2 seconds and going onto a top speed of 162 mph; which for an electric car is definitely an impressive feat. The power output is 450 bhp and 471 lb-ft of torque and it being an electric car means, that not only does it have a low centre of gravity but, the power delivered is instantaneous; and all of this costing just shy of £56,000.


Looks is where the Model 3 excels at, since it has no internal combustion engine there’s no need for unnecessary vents or cooling ducts which will increase drag. As such, the Model 3 has a nice sleek design that not only makes it efficiently aerodynamic but also appealing and jaw dropping to look at. Now one cannot simply tune an electric car, unless you simply add more batteries to it, which will undoubtedly void the warranty, this doesn’t mean that one cannot make it stand out from the exterior.

That is exactly what one individual from across the Atlantic Ocean has done, this is probably the one thing that I envy from our American cousins and that is the modifying car culture there. Defintiely much better than the one here in the UK, which consists of a bunch of chavs in their riced up Vauxhall Corsas and Citroen Saxos breaking into shopping center car parks. However, I digress, the owner of his Model 3 Performance has a Instagram by the name of @onesicktesla and without a shadow of a doubt it definitely is one sick Tesla for sure. It stands out for definite, far more than the other Model 3s with its Satin Vampire Red wrap, carbon hood, slick rims and bodykit means that this is a car you’d definitely want to overtake you just to look at its magnificence.


Overall, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is a car you’d definitely want to own. The kick in the head performace figures will not only make you smile like a child but with the fancy gixmos, the tech inside and the comfortable interior, makes it the well rounded family car for any occasion.

Images from: @onesicktesla

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