G-Power G5M Hurricane RR

BMWs M Division is like a habanero pepper, exotic, spicy and too hot to handle. Over the years, they have made some breath-taking cars with character, presence and marksmanship execution. That’s why they are so desired; once you develop a taste for BMW M cars, nothing quite satisfies you the same again. The current generation M5, which I previously wrote about here, was something out of this world. The current M5 CS is truly a breath-taking car and one that sits in a league of its own. It offers both luxury and power, and at a push of a button, you can turn it from a docile cat into a ferocious beast that attacks every corner from every angle. What if this isn’t enough for you? What if you are searching for something more exquisite? A luxury family sedan with a powerhouse of an engine and enough torque to tear a hole through time itself, well, if you’re insane enough and have a big enough wallet, then perhaps the G-Power G5M Hurricane RR is what you’re looking for.

The Current BMW M5 CS

G-Power is a German tuning house found in Bavaria set up in 1983 by Jochen Grommisch; think of them as Alpina, but they turn the dial up to 100 compared to them, and Alpina isn’t a boring tuning manufacturer of BMWs. What G-Power does is it takes the current extreme versions of BMW M cars and says, “we can squeeze more out from this”, and that’s what they did with the current generation F90 M5.

The current M5 CS packs a 4.4 litre twin-turbocharged V8 producing 616 bhp and 750 Nm of torque, and to the ordinary person like you and I, this would be sufficient. Though someone at G-Power wasn’t quite satisfied, and neither were their customers, a £100,000 down payment following hardcore software and hardware changes increased the power to an astonishing 888 bhp and 1050 Nm of torque. They had to limit the torque to preserve the drivetrain; that’s how powerful the engine is; even the beast can’t contain what’s inside it. The total price for the car itself would be at least £200,000 plus first, you need to buy the BMW M5 CS and then send it over to G-Power for the full conversion.


The other question you might be wondering is, what do you get for your £100,000 conversion? Well, essentially, the entire engine is overhauled and reforged. A pair of new turbochargers matched with an enlarged intake and milled housings. Adding boost and increasing psi will be a schoolboy error for breaking an engine. So G-Power forged the pistons, uprated the connecting rods, upgraded the cooling system with a much larger radiator and a carbon fibre venturi bonnet with additional cooling vents. For the new upgrades to work like a well-oiled machine, a new ECU developed by G-Power was also added to ensure everything works as it should.

As you can imagine, the performance figures are also drastically altered, though we don’t know as the figures haven’t been released yet. Still, I won’t leave you entirely empty-handed. The less powerful RS version reached 62 mph in under 2.5 seconds and onto a top speed of 217 mph. The RR, however, is expected to go even harder and faster than this; one question does arise from this: Can the RR beat the old G-Power E60 M5, which topped 231 mph?


To sum up, the G-Power G5M Hurricane RR is genuinely one spectacular piece of automotive engineering. It just goes to show that with an increased demand for electric cars, the environment and hatred towards combustion engines, there will always be a market for the blue-blooded petrolheads. We might be a dying breed and one of the last generations to drive a combustion engine, but we sure won’t go quietly. The G-Power G5M Hurricane RR does just that and shows us how much we are willing to push ourselves and our cars to reach the ultimate goal of speed and performance.

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