ABT RSQ8-R: An SUV Hypercar

The Audi RSQ8 is a Lamborghini Urus in disguise; both share the same platform, features, and engine. However, the truth is, I’ve always preferred the Audi, its a much better-looking car in my opinion and features a hint of sophistication, unlike the Urus, which is more designed for showing off. Now, this is the part where I come across as a colossal hypocrite, as ABT is an in house tuning shop specialising in tuning and modifying VAG Group cars. They have gotten their hands on the RSQ8 and decided to rebuild the damn thing entirely, so much for sophistication. I present to you the ABT RSQ8-R.


The standard RSQ8 is no slouch, comes with a meaty 4.0- litre twin-turbocharged V8, the same as the one found in the RS6 and the RS7. Producing over 600 bhp and will go from 0-62 mph in about 3.2 seconds in a car that weighs over 2.3 tonnes and will keep on going up to 155 mph. As you would expect, starting price would be from £100,000, significantly lower than the Urus, I might add. Our German Car fanatics at ABT decided that was not enough, so they kept the same engine, but this time squeezed out 730 bhp and about 920 Nm of torque. This is utterly mind-blowing; the most traumatising thing I would say is that this 2.3-tonne monster will top out at almost 200 mph. The modification itself costs £60,000 from ABT, and that’s not including the purchase of the car itself, so in total, you are looking at a £200,000 Hyper SUV.

The interior of the ABT RSQ8-R is more or the less the same as the standard RSQ8, albeit with their additions where ABT logos and the unit number are written around the interior. A total of 125 units are built, and from what I can gather, they’ve all been sold. However, other features such as the virtual cockpit, heated seats and Alcantara are found all around the model thanks to ABT seat refinement, which upgrades the interior over the standard car. They give that element of luxury and sportiness, though the RSQ8-R feels bespoke and unique. Making it a very rare sight to be seen on the road.


The exterior and performance modifications are just as magnificent; it comes with ABT’s air suspension called ABT Level Control (ALC). In comfort, the car is lowered by 15 mm and in dynamic by 25 mm. Along with extensive exterior changes featuring new bumpers, wider angles and curves and enhanced carbon all around, giving that much-needed appeal to remind everyone that you are driving no ordinary RSQ8.

All in all, the ABT RSQ8-R makes the SUV look more than just a piece of metal used for the school run and driven by Sunday drivers. It adds a sense of elegance, uniqueness and not just going with the trend. ABT has gone on to redefine the term SUV completely, and a few other car brands are too following in those footsteps; it no longer is embarrassing to get in or out of one, and the ABT RSQ8-R is an SUV you’d surely want to take for a spin.







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