2023 Mercedes C63 AMG: Will it meet expectations?

When it comes to a German Muscle car, naturally, we’d think of the Mercedes C63 AMG. One of the best sounding C63s was the old W204, which is regarded as one of the most reliable and best sounding engines out there.

With the environmental crisis, everything needs to go green, which has witnessed a lot of automotive manufacturers ditching high capacity engines for smaller turbocharged ones to meet emissions and reduce harmful particulates from going into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the all-new C63 AMG is no exception and will feature a turbocharged hybrid four-cylinder engine, thereby putting the almighty V8 into the history books and a museum.


A source from motor1.com stated that the V8 engine will still be present well into the next decade, but the C-class won’t get it. Instead, the new C63 will feature the 2.0 litre (M139) engine from the current AMG 45 range. Albeit with a little tweak, it will feature an electric turbocharger identical to the one found on the AMG Project One hypercar. This ensures that the combustion element of the engine will produce 442 bhp; the combined electric motors, which are rear-mounted, will have 201 bhp (supposedly). This means a combined power output of around 643 bhp naturally; this will come with all-wheel drive, and 0-62 mph should be achieved in under 3.5 seconds though I suspect it might hit low 3 seconds or even 2.9.

Unfortunately for the exterior and styling, there isn’t much to say yet as it’s all hidden under camouflage which is speculated to be unveiled sometime in 2022. Though I can imagine it might look similar to the new S-class, CLA and A-class. Either way, it will be a good looking car with exterior features to match its performance. The interior would most likely be the same as the latest model releases; historically, we know interior layouts follow the S-class regime, giving a luxurious atmosphere and feel.


Now for the elephant in the room, that tiny 4-cylinder engine. Would I be lying if I said I was a little disappointed for Mercedes dropping the mighty V8? Yes, am I excited to see how it performs, yes. We petrolheads hate changes to the cars we love and adore; a V8 is the C63s’ weapon of choice, and stripping away its signature dish removes its unique selling point. Unfortunately, deep down inside, we all knew that this was going to happen; and we have to go with the times and give it a chance to see how it performs since it has big shoes to fill.

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Mercedes UK

4 thoughts on “2023 Mercedes C63 AMG: Will it meet expectations?

  1. Fortunately, we DON’T have to go with the times.
    We can VOTE with our dollars.
    Who-ever is remaining with V8 sales, wins.
    Merc can CANCEL this obnoxious notion.
    Intelligent-wealthy-customer, no buy this.


  2. what a relieve !
    quad SQUARE exhaust !
    i was worry they going to ruin it with quad ROUND exhaust like the current E53AMG.
    quad ROUND exhaust is for cheap cars like Toyota Camry !


  3. I am adamantly opposed to the small engines in a car that needs muscle and great sound.
    I am very sure that the intelligent Mercedes Benz engineers will bring the V8 somehow back to the C63 AMG S.
    Hopeful & loyal customer,
    Don M.


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