Brabus G 900 Rocket

What happens when you take a luxury SUV and put a tomahawk of a powerhouse under the hood? You get a Brabus, but not just any Brabus, the Brabus G 900 Rocket. Brabus decided to take the already powerful G63 and add a Carolina Reaper to the mix if a G Wagon wasn’t extreme or ludicrous enough. Making this, the G 900 Rocket one spicy piece of engineering.

Power and performance are what Brabus is all about, and the G 900 is no exception. That mighty 4.5 litre Biturbo V8 develops an eye-watering 900bhp, 1,250 Nm of torque, enough to propel this 3.8-tonne tank from 0-60 in around 3.7 seconds and keep going until it hits 174 mph. To make it even more special, only 25 units of the G 900 will be built, and if you want one, it will set you back around £500,000. Which might sound like a lot, which it is, but you do get a lot of car, power, and performance. The G wagon has always been a status symbol for the rich and powerful, but this monster sits in a league of its own.


The exterior is the most prominent thing you’ll notice first; if you go for the stealth grey paint job, this thing’s presence and intimidation are unfathomable. The extensive use of carbon on the wide body kit isn’t just for weight reduction; it’s for presence; the Mercedes badge is replaced with an illuminating Brabus “B” logo instead. The specially designed rims and completely all-new rebadging let everyone know that this isn’t an ordinary G Wagon. But a monster that is ready to be unshackled and unleashed, the engine modifications are extensive, and you can check them all out here. Some examples include forged pistons, new connecting rods, two Brabus made turbochargers that increase power output and a specially designed downpipe with carbon tailpipes and exhausts.

The interior has also had some work done, not as much as the engine internals and exterior but some noticeable differences over the standard G Wagon. The first thing that jumps to mind is the extensive use of carbon fibre, high-quality leather and Alcantara. Like the outside, the interior is also rebadged with Brabus logos galore, some found on the steering wheel, footplates, grab handle, and even pedals.


The Brabus G 900 Rocket is insane; it’s unhinged and unchained. In a world surrounded by rules, environmental legislations etc. This thing is throwing a giant middle finger at everyone and everything. Brabus made this car because they could, because they wanted to and what they’ve created is a technical masterpiece.

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