Mercedes AMG A45 S: Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

A while back, I wrote the initial review of the new A-Class, which came out in 2018. Later on down the line, they released the A35 and, shortly after, the full Monty A45 S. I’m presuming the S stands for Sociopath, given how much of an attitude it has, antisocial and loud it is. Speaking of which, a close friend of mine has the previous generation A45 AMG, which he tuned to 420 bhp and is loud enough to awaken the dead. Give him a check out on his Instagram and at WVE London Clothing; you will not be disappointed.


Back to the current A45 S, that tiny 2.0-litre engine with its insane turbocharger produces 415 bhp and 500 Nm of torque. Most diesel engines have 500 torque, and this little featherweight of a car and its microscopic engine produces that. This 1,550 kg go-kart achieves 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds and will keep on going to 168 mph. The engineering and technical know-how boggles the mind of fast hot hatches, but the A45 S is something else. I’ve previously written about the new Audi RS3 and a head to head match against these two super hot hatches is soon to follow.

When it comes to design, presence and character, the A45 S needs no introduction. It has that mighty aggressive front grille, side skirts, a sports exhaust, and complimenting bumpers. You will not mistake this monster for the standard A-Class, and with a carbon wing added to the mix and other carbon fibre trinkets, you are sure to release your inner hooligan on tight open roads.


The interior offers an entirely different environment. Once inside, you are immersed in absolute luxury; the A45 S’ interior is a mini S-Class inside. The mood lighting offers a variety of customisations, along with different drive settings that can set the car from a comfortable city car into a track fighting, road tearing behemoth. The interior follows a more significant improvement than the previous generation, with a bigger screen, improved infotainment system, and a better atmosphere.

Even though the Mercedes AMG A45 S starts at £50k, which is a lot for a hatchback, the cheaper and detuned A35 AMG offers a similar package, although you get what you pay for; and truth be told, I’d rather fork out and get the better, more expensive and more powerful A45 S. Not only will it hold its value better, you’ll also have more fun with it, enjoy it more and won’t question yourself why you didn’t buy the more expensive one.




One thought on “Mercedes AMG A45 S: Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

  1. Mercedes need to change the last gear to a bit smaller. Then they need to do a better ecu remap like on the new c632 amg. And that electric turbo assist is a great idea. I would just put a bullet wheel idea for more air flow. And push up boost specially from 2nd gear and up. If it’s 1.8bar go to 2.0bar 2nd and 3rd and 4th. And the higher weaker gears 2.1bar


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