2018 Mercedes A-Class: A luxury Hatchback

Mercedes are well renowned across the world as the epitome of utmost class and luxury, most technical equipment and features you see today on average cars were initially developed and first available on the Mercedes S Class. Such features to name a few being the first car in Europe to incorporate airbags, three-point seatbelts and pretensioners, active and passive safety features, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability program, seat massages, night vision cameras the list is endless.

Mercedes models are often based on the S Class and are then gradually downgraded going down the model ranges, well, at least that’s how it was in the past. The current and upcoming release of the all-new Mercedes A-Class bargains a different story, could this very well be the world’s first luxury hatchback tailored for a new market?

In essence, the new A-Class is a hatchback version of the S Class with the interior looking very similar to the S-Class, E-Class and some minor features from the AMG GT supercar. The technological features and the advanced infotainment system equipped within the A-Class makes it more expensive than its contenders from Audi and BMW, which staggeringly enough has completely refined its new 1 Series which I’ll do a separate article on later. Though such technological features within the A-Class are advanced navigation, advanced connectivity package, premium plus package consisting of a 10-inch digital instrument display that’s also found in the E Class and S Class and 64 colour-ambient lighting, the incorporation of artificial intelligence to learn the user’s preferences and the implementation of augmented reality to name a few. Therefore, it seems to be that Mercedes could potentially open a new market for luxury hatchback models that are specifically tailored and adhered towards millennial tech heads.


Vehicle Specs:

Starting prices for the A180 Diesel will be from £24,920 and the A200 Sports petrol will start from £26,620, where a decent fully loaded A200 AMG Line will set you back about £35,000. Where the base entry price is nearly over 4k more expensive than its BMW 1 Series competitor.

The petrol engines come in 1.4-litres, 160 bhp and 250 Nm of torque, and 2.0-litre displacements, 221 bhp and 350 Nm. Where the diesel variant will consist of a 1.4-litre four-cylinder ending with 113 bhp and comes with AdBlue which is believed to improve exhaust emissions.

Though the newly released news of the 2019 A45 AMG is quite of a breath-taking machine, featuring an all-new turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, and all-wheel-drive system and speculated to have over 400 bhp, with tech specs and 0-60 times remaining silent. Though its estimated that the 0-60 time would be less than 4 seconds, where the A45 AMG has been nicknamed the ‘Predator’ and I can see why.


The Exterior:

At first glance, it’s obvious that the new A-Class really is a new A-Class, a completely reworked model tailored for a new market. Though, that being said, the front of the A-Class does look like a naughty six-year-old that’s been put on the naughty step. Whereas the rear, as magnificent as it looks, it does make the A-Class seem taller than it really is and not to mention that the rear taillights look like alien eyes staring into your soul.

However, the sneak peeks preview of the new A45 looks much more aggressive and intimidating than the previous A45 AMG. Where the added splitters and spoilers makes the front of the A45 look more like an MMA fighter than a spoilt brat, though in retrospect it is rumoured that the new A45 AMG may, in fact, be renamed to the A50 AMG; seems as though we’ll have to wait and see if these allegations are true or just mere excitement rumours.


The Rendered Version of the 2019 A45 AMG


The Interior:

The interior and the equipment on the new A-Class was previous mentioned, however sitting inside one instantly gives you the impression that one is sitting in a luxury car. The interior looks like the S Class, E Class and the AMG GT all crammed into a tiny hatchback, featuring a pair of free-standing instrument panels that are also available on the E Class and S Class, as well as turbine ait vents with ambient lighting used in highlighting the separate sections of the dashboard.

Though about the ambient lighting, it’s fair to say that it’s a bit much. Having the lights come out of the vents and each spiral and weave makes the car seem something that it’s not, artificial in a sense, then again, the car is full of artificial technology. Featuring an AI, augmented reality and advanced autonomous driving features, along with sensors for detecting and preventing the car from crashing and ensuring the occupants of the car are safe.



To sum up, the new A-Class is quite something else, both internally and externally it looks like something from the future. Unique in design and completely revolutionised, with an intricate and futuristic implementation of tech and the upcoming release of the insane A45 AMG. Essentially the new A-Class is a luxury car for those who want to drive something small and around town, but also get that supercar quality but in a hatchback.

Though could the effect of millennials and their dependence on technology alter the way the auto industry goes about manufacturing their new releases and models, tailoring to the needs and requirements of the younger population. With the new A-Class, an entry-level Mercedes, which is most often sold to young people. Could this be the reason as to why the A-Class is such a tech geek fest, or could Mercedes be using the new A-Class as an experiment and trial about creating a new luxury hatchback market? If so, how will it stack up against its much cheaper contenders? Stick around as a head to head review between the A-Class, 1 Series and the A3 is in the making.


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