2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Estate: The M3 Touring Contender

BMW has released the all-new M3 Touring has literally taken the world by storm and every single petrolhead in the world is going crazy about it, well, what if I was to tell you that there are reported rumours that the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV might be released as an estate over the coming years? Yes, the baby Ferrari sedan just reclaimed its edge over the competition… again.


Personally, I’ve a soft spot for the Giulia QV, when it was first released back in 2017 it offered a breath of fresh air to the automotive world. The key sedan figures were BMW, Mercedes and Audi, yet all were just a tad plain and same looking, then Alfa released the Giulia and it was love at first sight. As the years went by it sort of blended into the automotive world, make no mistakes it has stood the test of time, and most likely will be a future classic. Yet other manufacturers have evolved and progressed with their sedan models, when the M3 Touring came out even the mighty Audi RS4 Avant couldn’t handle the heat that beast was emitting. Well, the Italian boys are back with an estate version of the Giulia QV.

A rendering of how the car might look

flared exhaust arches make the car look like a Da Vinci painting

It is rumoured to have a 600 bhp 2.9 litre twin-turbocharged V6, the same as the current gen version but only more power, umph and performance. The old car achieved 60 mph in about 3.6 seconds but with nearly 100 bhp more I wouldn’t be surprised if the 0-62 mph time will be in the 2.9 seconds region. The top speed most likely will be around the 191 mph range, which makes no mistake is still plenty fast and can definitely out beat and outperform the competition.

The most striking feature is the exterior, the looks modernise the entire model and brand and as always it excels in physical appearance in comparison to its competitors from BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Since Mercedes has taken the disappointing route or created a 4-cylinder C63 AMG it’s now most likely going to be a three-way battle between the BMW M3 Touring, Audi RS4 Avant and this. I just think that the BMW M3 Touring would have to forcibly hand its crown over to the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Estate once it is officially released. The triple headlight layout gives the Alfa a menacing, mafia hitman appearance and in comparison to the BMW, it’s a more striking and intimidating car to look at. The sleek estate look with a duck spoiler at the rear and flared exhaust arches make the car look like a Da Vinci painting, so elegant and poised, yet full of emotion, colour and personality.


At the moment the existence of the car is solely based on a rumour, but Alfa Romeo does have a habit of following with their heart and turning their concept cars into a reality, so Alfa Romeo makes the Giulia QV estate a reality as we are all so desperately waiting for this day to come.



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