Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio ‘NRING’ Edition: A four-door Ferrari

The saying “you’re not a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo” is a statement justifying the history and the beauty of the Alfa Romeo brand, owning an Alfa was like playing Russian roulette, you wouldn’t know whether you’d get from A to B, you wouldn’t know if it’ll start in the morning, but what you did know was that the journey was going to be a magnificent and a memorable one.


Alfa’s have character, a personality and passion, they’re a brand that much like their Italian counterparts present a soul. You hate them for their unreliability, for their inability to remain consistent but much like a new-born child that keeps you up all night, having to feed it, change it, bath it, there is that moment where you take a step back and look. What follows is a massive grin on your face, that heart clenching feeling of joy and happiness. That’s what owning an Alfa Romeo does to you, and the new Giulia Quadrifoglio ‘Nring’ edition does just that. Beauty and passion are all very well present, though the reliability and inconsistency have been greatly dealt with. Though it’s not entirely without fault, the A-pillar is quite narrow making it hard to get in and out of. Fair to say you won’t see a fat person driving it, which is a good thing, because not only can you enjoy the drive to your destination. You’ll also get there and get there early you will as this thing’s packing a monster, a 2.9 litre V6 producing 503bhp, with a top speed of 191mph and 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds.


Though unlike the normal Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV) only 108 of the ‘NRING’ edition will be made, one for each year representing Alfa Romeo’s history. Where collectors and loyal Alfa Romeo customers are being targeted for the purchase, though fear not, the ‘NRING’ and standard QV both share the same engine and internal components. The differences between the two are that carbon-ceramic brakes, Sparco carbon fibre seats, carbon fibre interior trim, a Mopar-branded gear shifter and Mopar floor mats are included (which are also optional extras in the normal QV model). Where exterior differences are the ‘NRING’ badges as well as carbon fibre mirror caps and side skirts, and an additional exposed carbon fibre roof making it a more track focused and lightweight sports saloon. Where this was seen at the Nürburgring racetrack with the Quadrifoglio running a lap in 7 minutes 32 seconds.


The Giulia QV ‘NRING’ edition is essentially a four-door Ferrari, the engine is the same that you would find in the Ferrari California with two cylinders knocked off, the prop shaft is made from carbon fibre, it has a carbon fibre roof, carbon fibre bonnet, a proper limited slip differential. The designer of the Giulia was also the one who designed the Ferrari 458 Italia, and unlike its German rivals from BMW, Audi and Mercedes the Giulia definitely does stand out from the rest making it a completely different animal.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia (right) and Stelvio SUV (left) Quadrifoglio ‘NRING’ editions

In the past Alfa Romeo’s were seen as a burden, a much-loved car to own and every petrol head enthusiast wanted it. As their flaws gave it human-like entities, but this, the QV ‘NRING’ Edition is different. This is magnificent when we see a Ferrari we admire the car but hate the driver, though with this, the Alpha Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, we won’t just fall in love with the car but we’ll love the person for owning it.






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