The Royal Wedding: A Car that Suits the Newlyweds

Between you and me, I was not expecting to find something interesting to write about the Royal Wedding that happened the other day. Though it turns out that something interesting had grasped my interest, a unique car that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used to drive to the reception in.

In case some of you hadn’t noticed, the Royal Wedding was held at Windsor yesterday. Truth be told I don’t know how you wouldn’t know about it since the entire internet exploded yesterday, where my YouTube feed was filled with the whole shenanigans. Though that put to one side, after the whole fiasco and tears of joy that were present. The newlywed couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, drove away on their E-Type Jag. Though this ain’t no ordinary E-Type. It’s a one-off fully electric powertrain converted E-Type Jaguar.

prince-harry-marries-ms-meghan-markle-atmosphere-1 (1)

The immaculate and classic exterior remains untouched, suiting the new couple’s drive away into the sunset beautifully. More like the ending to a classic James Bond film than a Royal Wedding, the E-Type’s classic look yet modern internal upgrades upholds the Royals heritage yet being aware of current and modern affairs. That being said, the original 1968 electric powertrain converted E-Type accelerates from 0-62mph in a steady 5.5 seconds, much quicker than it was previously with its inline-six-cylinder engine. With the electric battery being a 220kWh battery pack with an estimated range of 170 miles that’ll recharge in a dwelling 7 hours. Means, according to the Daily Mail, is estimated to cost approximately £350,000. Though it is a one-off electric variant, but it’ll be interesting to know if the company that developed this will plan to create further electric variants in the future.

The electric E-Type Jag, with the number plate representing the date of their wedding.

Now this change and adherence on worldwide matters such as global warming and climate change show that the royal family enjoys keeping to their traditions and culture, while also embracing change and keeping up with current and modern affairs. The electric E-Type Jag also signifies that we should not lose out British culture and bring back classic traditions while modernising them to meet 21st Century standards. Whereby we should be sustainable and address critical environmental challenges, which has also been noticed when Buckingham Palace announced a £369 million refurbishment. Which includes solar panels and other forms of renewable energy resources.


There’s also a level of favouritism towards traditional British design and supporting the British Automotive industry. Whereby the royal family has a long history with the Jaguar-Range Rover brand, which has favoured the British car company and relied on their models for personal use. Ranging from the Jaguar XJS used by Princess Diana and the classic Jaguar X-Type in which the Queen is driven in. To drive the classic icons, yet modernise them, and their traditions.

britain-us-royals-wedding-1 (1)

Though this isn’t the first time the Royal family has played a crucial and key role within the concern for the environment, where the Jag E-Type isn’t the only environmentally friendly car that’s been owned by the family. A rather humorous wine and cheese fuelled Aston Martin DB5 was also specially made and tailored for the Royals, showcasing that the actions taken towards the environment are of great importance to them.


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