Top 10 Tuesday: The top 10 Lamborghini Cars

Lamborghini has a long-lasting history that spans more than half the century and history with a gripping tale. Lamborghini sure has come a long way since its early days of making tractors, which they are still producing to this day; a cheeky plug for Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime features the almighty and legendary Jeremy Clarkson buying a Lamborghini tractor.

Throughout Lamborghini’s existence, they have designed, developed and created some jaw-dropping cars that have not only stunned the world but in a way redefined it too. Below are the top Lamborghini cars that we reckon made the A-list.


10: LM002

The Urus was not Lamborghini’s first-ever SUV; the Urus is just a rebadged and a reskinned Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7. If it’s a proper Lamborghini offroader you want, it’ll be the almighty LM002. Now, this is a beast worth resurrecting from the past. At its launch in the 80s, it was known as the most insane car of its era, and we can see why; what’s even more interesting is that the LM002 was also based on the Countach. The LM002 had a 5.2 litre V12 that produced 455 bhp and enough to pull this 3-tonne monster to 60 mph in under 7.7 seconds. If it were up to me, please forget the Urus an updated and revised version of the LM002.

Lamborghini Urus on the left (yellow) and the LM002 on the right (red)

9: 350 GT

Those of you who don’t know the 350 GT, never forget it; it is the first production car that jump-started the brand. It was launched back in 1964, and even by today’s standards, it looks stunning and a complete work of art. Now imagine what car journalists, the media and tabloids thought of it when it was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show? It too came with a V12 that produced a decent 270 bhp, and only 120 were ever built, making them very rare and very expensive.


8: Egoista

Egoista in Italian means selfish, and a fitting name; the Lamborghini Egoista is a single-seater hypercar that depicts a fighter jet for the road. At first glance, it looks like something out of science fiction, and you wouldn’t be wrong there. It features a 5.2 litre V10 that produces 600 bhp with extra rear intakes to cool the engine down; flaps in the body flip open or closed depending on the driving conditions. LED clearance lights upfront with ‘bull’s eyes’ side indicators, hidden ‘eagle eyes’ in the front intakes to scan the road ahead and aeronautical-spec antiradar material used in the body. The interior features a fighter pilot styled layout with a heads up display and gather styled pilot canopy when driving; all in all, this is the closest thing to being a fighter pilot on the road.

7: Estoque

This is Lamborghini’s answer to a four-door family sedan; they did make one some years ago called the Espada back in the 70s, but the Estoque looks so much better and meaner. The best way of summing it up, it’s an Aventador that’s taken some viagra and grew extra limbs. Also equipped with a 5.2-litre V10 engine developing 560 bhp on this occasion, but more than enough power to scare the living daylights out of your passengers. If you have kids in the back, it would also probably win the world record for making their car sick the quickest.


6: Veneno

Any petrol head will know the Veneno; it honestly needs no introduction. Loosely based on the Aventador, and was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 and paid homage to the most muscular fighting bull for gorging a matador to death in 1914. It shares the same 6.5 litres V12 as in the Aventador but with extra oomph and produces 739bhp and a 220 mph top speed. There’s the same four-wheel-drive system, pushrod suspension and monocoque chassis. The difference is the exterior, and it screams complete race car lunacy. It is also one of the most expensive Lamborghini’s to date; a convertible version went for £3.4 million some years back.

5: Aventador J

I’ve already given slight hints about the Aventador, and how can it not be on the list? Unveiled in 2011 at you know where, the Geneva Motor Show, it was a breath of fresh air that Lamborghini offered to the automotive world. They don’t make them like they used to; Pagani unveiled its Zonda Cinque and Zonda R around that time too.

The Aventador, as stated earlier, has a 6.5 litre V12 that produces 700 bhp. There were further adaptations of the Aventador, the SV, SVJ and Ultimae to name which had further power increases to 730 bhp and 770 bhp. However, the most ludicrous and insane of all was the Aventador J. an Aventador with the roof cut off and a completely open top; it was a concept, no doubt, but what a beauty it was.


4: Sesto Elemento

In Italian, this translates to the 6th element, and in the period table, that element is carbon, which this car is entirely made out of. It’s expensive, no doubt, but super lightweight and durable. It was based on the discontinued Gallardo, which the Huracan eventually replaced; it shared the same 5.2 litres V10 as found in the other two cars. Though that’s where it all changed from there, the Sesto Elemento is a track purpose racecar that will dominate almost anything it goes against. 0-62 mph took less than 2.5 seconds, and with no added features like sound dampening, you would be able to hear the Lamborghini Soundtrack roaring from behind you. It’s designed for mad people; it doesn’t even have seats; instead, it has soft pads that attach to the chassis and roll bars.

3: Asterion

This is a gateway for the future of Lamborghini; with everything being focused around the environment, big engines like V10s and V12s aren’t renowned for their fuel efficiency. This is where the Asterion comes in, a plucky hybrid that Lamborghini welcomes with open arms and it packs a nuke under the hood. The combined power output with both the engine and electric motors is 910 bhp, not so plucky now, more intimidating.


2: Terzo Millennio

The Terzo Millennio is something out of this world; I’ve written a full in-depth article about it before so click here to have a read. The Asterion gives us a glimpse into the world of tomorrow, but the Terzo Millennio is a glimpse into the future. It’s based on superconductor technology that is still being co-developed with MIT; the term Terzo Millennio is Italian for Third Millenium. It redefines the meaning of the term hypercar, and the technology for this hasn’t been developed yet; the question now is. How long do we have to wait before we see it going into production?

1: Miura

Bringing it down a notch, the Miura takes first place here and for apparent reason. The 350 GT did kickstart the Lamborghini brand; the Miura is what made Lamborghini today. It was their first-ever hypercar, a V12 fire breathing monster. Going from tractors to this in their first attempt is quite an impressive feat; the Miura was also a giant middle finger to Ferrari and Maserati, who mocked Lamborghini as he had asked for a loan and help to design a hypercar. Fair to say, Lamborghini’s have always been the best pin-up poster cars in any car enthusiasts bedroom.


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